The Church spoke aggressively against the Protestant schools and against the Latter-day Saints attending them. The general approach taken by the church leaders was: “How can you, after all that you have been through and all of the sacrifices that you have made, subject your children to the same influences that we rejected in Nauvoo and Kirtland and which have now come here to destroy us?”

Even though conversions because of the various denominational schools were negligible, there were several key factors that were violated by latter-day Saint families who supported them.

1) Patronizing the schools, precluded LDS models for the children

2) In addition to the correct information receive in the classrooms, teachers undoubtedly shared their opinions and thoughts that were counter to Mormonism.

3) Students pursuing advanced schooling were the most likely to make up future territorial leadership and needed to have their testimonies on a firm foundation.

4) Good students left in the district schools would have added to the strength of the church system.

5) Families failed to follow the prophets.

Jack Monnett, Revealed Educational Principles34610304_2042031399351550_7060715136981401600_n

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