He [Joseph Smith] also declared: “I believe the Bible as it read when it came from the pen of the ORIGINAL writers. Ignorant translators, careless transcribers, or designing and corrupt priests have committed many errors.” (DHC, vol. 6, p. 57.)


What clarification and new light does the new translation offers. There are 3,400 verses in which it differs from the King James Version, many of which throw greater light upon the teachings of Jesus and the apostles.


We also have many indirect blessings that derive from the Joseph Smith Translation that most Latter-day Saints have not considered before. Many of the revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants came as a result of things the Prophet was pondering and questioning as he worked on his translation of the Bible. Seventy-seven sections of the Doctrine and Covenants, 56 percent of the total number, were revealed during the months that the Prophet was engaged in the translation. Some sections of the Doctrine and Covenants are explicitly tied to it. The vision of the three degrees of glory, section 76, came directly as a result of questions the Prophet asked while translating. He and his scribe, Sidney Rigdon, wrote, “While we were doing the work of translation, which the Lord had appointed unto us, we came to the twenty-ninth verse of the fifth chapter of John” (Doctrine and Covenants 76:15). The Lord revealed to them a revised reading of the verse, which caused them “to marvel” (Doctrine and Covenants 76:18). Then the Lord revealed the vision of the degrees of glory. Other revelations, such as sections 77, 91, and 132, can be linked to the Bible translation rather easily, and several others offer hints that they were received as a result of that work.…/joseph-smiths-inspired-translation-of…32714384_2033737120180978_857764398473674752_n

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