Long before thirty years the world will be smitten by the Strong arm of Omnipotence! The most imposing events are hanging over the world–at the vary doors–events which will put all past events in the Shade–obliterating all the epochs of the human family–Stamping a new era on the annals of time! These things are true, and the pulpit is crying out peace & safety! These things are true and are come on the world as a snare: aye as a snare or the scripures are not true. Why as a snare? Because the pulpit is crying “peace & safety”! O what a crash of governments thrones & empires is awaiting the world, and the pulpit is chaunting lullabies to its Slumbering care! War, pestilence and fire, standing in dread array against the human family, and the conservators of its moral weal hailing the dawn of universal piece, hailing a millenial dawn, when the harbengers of war and carnage are standing in bold relief over a guilty world.

They are dreaming about times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord when we are to have the vials of his wrath! They are clothing in Brilliant Drapery, the future triumphs of the gospel when the drama is about to close and present a theatre of Blood. They are in imagination, smoothly gliding by the gradual flow of time into a heaven of repose without once turning an eye to an intervening vortex, which is to engulph, perhaps, more than half the human family! They are spreading a banquet of peace and proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord, when he is about to deluge the world in fire! This tremendious event is passed over by the pulpit as a doomsday work of Almighty God, when it is to be premillennial and probably consummated on the present generation.

Wilford Woodruff’s Journal, Vol. 2, 1841–1845, p.1537249622_2075690432652313_6690552036250877952_n

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