As Latter-day Saint families gather to enjoy General Conference, many are unaware that there is a growing movement among members and scholars in the Church to change our history. Though this progressive effort has been proceeding for decades, in the last few years we have seen an ever increasing number of prominent LDS historians and scholars calling for a “reconstructed narrative.”

Scholars are calling for a new “Joseph Smith”, a new Church history and a new Mormon culture. One scholar has even called for the “foundation” to be torn down and completely rebuilt.

Gregory A. Prince, has called for those who still believe in the historicity of the Book of Mormon to “grow up”. For those who are not familiar with the background on this issue, many LDS scholars including Greg Prince, believe that the Book of Mormon narrative is merely allegory.

Who is this new “Joseph Smith” and what constitutes this “reconstructed narrative”? For those who are unaware, Current scholars present a “Joseph Smith” that differs dramatically from the “Joseph Smith” taught by past Presidents of the Church.

NEW JOSEPH SMITH (taken from Rough Stone Rolling, by Richard Bushman)

-Joseph Smith was “involved in magic”

-The Prophet’s involvement in “magic . . . was a preparatory gospel” and “Remnants of the magical culture stayed with him to the end.”

-Joseph Smith suffered from “treasure-seeking greed.”

-The Smith family were drawn to “treasure-seeking folklore” and saw astrology and magical “formulas and rituals” as connected to their spiritual well-being.

-“Magic and religion melded in Smith family culture.”

-Joseph Smith Sr. was an “oft-defeated, unmoored father” who “partially abdicated family leadership” His “life [was] blighted by shame”

-The Smiths were a “struggling family.”

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